LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE 2013 - Manoel Pocas Junior

LATE BOTTLED VINTAGE 2013 - Manoel Pocas Junior

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Producer: Manoel D. Pocas Junior

ORIGIN: Portugal - Douro Valley

DESCRIPTION: Port wine issued from a lot of high quality in a single year, matured in oak vats and bottled between the 4th and the 6th spring after the harvest.

Color: Deep ruby.
Currant, blueberries and spice notes.
Palate: Full-bodied, with black fruit and spices. Silky and elegant tannins in a long lasting finish.

SERVING TIPS: Serve at room temperature (18ºC/64ºF) or slightly chilled in hot weather. Superb with creamy cheeses, chocolates and wild game.
Ready to drink when bottled. Without any filtration or suitabilisation, it may throw sediment along the years. Prior decanting and careful serving are recommended.