Amarone Classico DOCG, 500ml - Farina

Amarone Classico DOCG, 500ml - Farina

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Producer: Farina Wines

Made In: Veneto, Italy

Bottle Size: 500 mL

Alcohol/Vol: 14.8%

The secret to this superb wine, pride of the Valpolicella, is the special selection for the grapes to be placed on the wooden trays at the end of September, the meticulous control during the drying process till January/February where they are then pressed, and the loving care during the wine's aging over the next four to five years.

It presents itself in a red garnet color with orange edges, and with an ethereal and spicy fragrance. In the mouth, it is warm, robust, full bodied, velvety, and pleasantly bitter, and harmonious. It is an excellent wine for game dishes, and has no equals with grana cheese. Due to its completeness and nobleness, it can also be sipped after dinner between conversations keeping alive the spirit of friendship and instilling a sense of happiness.

In order to fully enjoy all of its qualities, it is suggested to uncork it a couple of hours before pouring and to serve it at room temperature, with a bottle life of 4-10 years.