Campoverde- Magliocco Ferrocinto

Campoverde- Magliocco Ferrocinto

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Producer: Campoverde S.P.A Agricola

Made In: Calabria, Italy

Bottle Size: 750 mL

Alcohol/Vol: 13.5%

Varietal: Magliocco

Alcohol/Vol: 13%

Product Details: The Magliocco is a red wine variety that is cultivated in the Italian region of Calabria. In the past it was cultivated very often but has been almost forgotten and only recently rediscovered. The Magliocco is a late-ripening grape variety that is sensitive to lack of water. It can be used to make tannin-rich red wines that are easy to store.

The grapes for the Magliocco Aglianico Calabria IGP from Tenute Ferrocinto are grown in the hilly area of Castrovillari in northern Calabria. Here the soils are calcareous and there is an exceptional microclimate with high temperature differences between day and night. All in all, optimal conditions for winegrowing.