Mabis- Enigma IGT 2021

Mabis- Enigma IGT 2021

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Producer: Mabis SRL

Made In: Verona, Italy 

Bottle Size: 750 mL

Varietal: Sangiovese

Service temperature: 18° – 20° C.

Product Details:  Enigma Sangiovese IGT is a captivating wine that enchants the senses with its alluring blend of flavours and aromas. Crafted with the appasimento style, this wine offers a harmonious balance between fruitiness, depth, and elegance.

In the glass, it displays a rich, deep ruby colour that hints at its complexity. On the nose, it reveals an enticing bouquet of dark berries, such as blackberries and ripe cherries, which intertwine with subtle hints of vanilla and spices. These aromas invite you to explore further, promising a delightful tasting experience.

Upon the first sip, this wine delights the palate with its velvety texture and well-rounded structure. The flavours of luscious black fruits take centre stage, accompanied by notes of plums and a touch of dark chocolate, creating a symphony of flavours that dance on your taste buds. The wine's medium to full body is supported by soft tannins, providing a smooth and lingering finish.

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