Fattoria Pagano- Fiano Di Avellino 2022

Fattoria Pagano- Fiano Di Avellino 2022

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Producer: Fattoria Pagano

Made In: Italy 

Bottle Size: 750 mL

Varietal: 100% Fiano

Product Details: Fiano di Avellino is an exquisite white wine from the Campania region of Italy. It is made from the Fiano grape variety, which thrives in the volcanic soils of the Avellino province. Known for its elegance and complexity, Fiano di Avellino offers a sensory experience that captures the essence of the terroir.

In the glass, Fiano di Avellino displays a bright, straw-yellow colour with golden reflections, hinting at its maturity. The nose is intensely aromatic, releasing a captivating bouquet of ripe stone fruits such as apricot and peach, along with enticing floral notes of jasmine and acacia blossoms. Delicate hints of Mediterranean herbs and a touch of minerality add further depth to the aromatic profile.

On the palate, Fiano di Avellino showcases a harmonious balance of flavours. The rich stone fruit character prevails, accompanied by a delightful zing of citrus, particularly lemon zest. The wine's well-defined acidity provides freshness and liveliness, while a subtle almond undertone adds an intriguing nutty aspect. With its medium body and velvety texture, Fiano di Avellino delivers a smooth and enjoyable mouthfeel.