Terre Di Poggio - Pecorino Coste Mancini 2022

Terre Di Poggio - Pecorino Coste Mancini 2022

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Producer: Terre Di Poggio

Made In: Italy

Bottle Size: 750 mL

Alcohol/Vol: 13%

Varietal: Pecorino

Serving Temperature: 16-18 ° C 

Product Details: Pecorino Coste Mancini is a white wine from the Arbruzzo region of Italy, made from the Pecorino grape variety. This wine has a pale yellow color and a bright, lively appearance in the glass. On the nose, it offers a complex and intense bouquet, with aromas of ripe stone fruit, such as apricot and peach, along with floral notes of white flowers and a hint of minerality.

On the palate, Pecorino Cost Mancini is dry and refreshing, with a medium body and a crisp acidity that gives it a pleasant tanginess. The fruit flavors of apricot and peach are complemented by a subtle nutty flavor, as well as a hint of herbs. The finish is long and persistent, leaving a delightful aftertaste of fresh fruit and minerals.