Distilleria Caffo - Petrus Boonekamp
Distilleria Caffo - Petrus Boonekamp

Distilleria Caffo - Petrus Boonekamp

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Producer: Distilleria Caffo

Made In: Calabria, Italy

Bottle Size: 700 mL

Description: The history of the bitter Petrus goes back two centuries, in the Netherlands. It was the Dutch Company of the East Indies that opened the course far away exotic countries. The Dutch ships, that in the 1600s were the most powerful fleet in Europe, imported herbs and spices virtually unknown to Europeans. Those medicinal herbs, with penetrating scents and ancient virtues, and those spices, always used to prepare healthy infusions, allowed Mr. Petrus Boonekamp to create in 1777, in a small workshop of Leidschendam, the bitter that bears his name. And even today the term Boonekamp, in much of West- Central Europe is synonymous of digestive bitter.

Many herbs enter the composition of the bitter Petrus. Among others, Galanga (Alpina Officinarum). Galanga is a perennial herb native of China and India. The parts of the plant used are the rhizomes extracted from the soil in autumn, washed and dried. It is widely used in pharmacies as aromatic eupeptic and carminative. Its smell is pleasant and its taste bitter-spicy type.

Petrus has an intense and bright mahogany color, it reveals herbaceous and floral aromas, with hints of withered rose, cherry in spirit and cocoa bean. The taste is decidedly bitter, balanced and soft, in a context of great structure and balance that make it pleasantly persistent. It ends on bitter returns of gentian and rhubarb, with a slight sprint of ginger.