Albino Armani- Pinot Grigio Corvara 2022

Albino Armani- Pinot Grigio Corvara 2022

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Producer: Albino Armani 

Made In: Veneto, Italy 

Bottle Size: 750 mL

Grape Varieties: Pinot Grigio 100%

Serving Temperature: 10 - 12 °C.

Product Details:  Albino Armani Pinot Grigio Corvara is a delightful white wine that showcases the renowned characteristics of the Pinot Grigio grape variety. With its origins in the picturesque Veneto region, this wine captures the essence of its terroir and delivers a memorable drinking experience.

In the glass, it displays a pale straw-yellow colour, hinting at its fresh and vibrant nature. The nose is greeted with an inviting bouquet of delicate floral notes, including hints of white blossoms and a subtle touch of citrus. These aromas effortlessly lead into a captivating palate.

On the palate, this wine unveils a harmonious blend of flavours. Crisp and refreshing, it offers an initial burst of citrus zest, complemented by juicy green apple and succulent pear notes. The mouthfeel is elegant and well-balanced, featuring a lively acidity that adds brightness to the wine's overall character. A gentle minerality contributes to its structure, providing a pleasant and lingering finish.