Poli- The Great Americano Cocktail

Poli- The Great Americano Cocktail

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The Great Americano Cocktail, the Party Drink of the Poli company, a 3-liter bag in tube that is equivalent to obtaining the quantity of 33 cocktails of 9 cl.

A product entirely MADE IN ITALY, that you can pour and close without oxidizing, a product that is always fresh, but above all READY TO DRINK!


  • Vermouth Poli Gran Bassano Rosso, 18% vol.
  • Bitter Poli Super Taurus, 25% vol.

Instructions for use: can be found on the back of the package.

Using this mixture as a base it is possible to obtain different kind of cocktails:

  • MiTo (Milan Turin) with the addition of ice and a slice of orange.
  • Americano with three ice cubes, and soda.
  • Sbagliato: 6 cl of Party Drink blend, 3 cl sparkling wine / champagne, ice and half slice of orange