Rutherford Ranch- Rhiannon Red Blend

Rutherford Ranch- Rhiannon Red Blend

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Producer: Rutherford Wines

Made In: California, USA

Bottle Size: 750 mL

Alcohol/Vol: 13.5%

Varietal: 57% Petite Sirah/37% Syrah/6% Barbera

Product Details:  Rutherford Ranch Rhiannon is a captivating wine that beautifully harmonizes an exquisite blend of flavours, showcasing the artistry of wine making. This enchanting wine originates from the esteemed Rutherford region, renowned for its exceptional vineyards and commitment to producing wines of distinction.

In appearance, it displays a deep, rich garnet hue, hinting at the intensity that awaits within. Aromas of ripe blackberries and luscious dark cherries dance elegantly on the nose, accompanied by subtle notes of vanilla and a delicate trace of toasted oak. This aromatic symphony entices the senses, promising a complex and memorable tasting experience.

Upon the first sip its refined nature and impeccable balance is revealed. The palate is treated to a tapestry of flavours, with ripe blackberries and plums taking centre stage. These fruit-forward notes are accompanied by layers of velvety cocoa, adding depth and richness to the wine's profile. Fine-grained tannins provide structure and support, while a touch of spice adds complexity and intrigue.