Savatiano, Naturaly - Papagiannakos

Savatiano, Naturaly - Papagiannakos

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Supplier: Papagiannakos Vasileios

Made In: Greece


The Savatiano grape is well-adapted to the Attican climate, and is widely cultivated here. Produced from 60-year old unirrigated Savatiano bush vines. Cultivation of the vineyard is manual with low intervention. Pesticides and fertlisers are not used.Grapes are picked in the early morning (before 8.30am) and taken to the winery in plastic crates. There is no mechanical pressing instead the free run juice is transferred to stainless steel tanks. Spontaneous, natural yeast fermentation takes place and typically lasts for around 25 days. No sulphites are added, and the wine is bottled without filtration. Complex aromas of ripe apple skin and subtle caramel combined with citrus characters and a light yeasty note. The palate is rounded and generous with hints of hay, green plum and a touch of white spice with salinity on the finish. Perfect with salads, fish dishes and white meats.


Harvest: Mid September

Yield / Acre: 400-500kg

Vinification: Fermentation in stainless-steel tanks, under controlled temperature 16-18oC.